Our vision is to save the automotive environment and protect millions of people.

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Smart Tracking Devices

We welcome your ideas to develop a product that specifically meets your needs. What should a smart and small tracking device do? This products combining GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular technologies to locate the things that matter most anywhere in the world with cell reception. We help companies to complement their product portfolio with White label GNSS products.

Open Tracking Platform

VTDA´s cloud based tracking solution delivers the ultimate in simplicity, global connectivity, and security. Through a single integration to a unified RESTful open API, industry partners gain access to their devices with data protection - Made in Germany. The tracking gateway technology enables the industry partner most complete omni-device tracking experience.

Partnership Boost your Profit

Together with you, we develop a comprehensive sales concept, which allows you to focus more specifically on your market and customer structure. In doing so, we will show you how, despite the supply of various sales channels, you can reconcile your orientation as well as your communication with the needs of your sales partners.

We've been listening to our customers over the last couple of years, and we've recognised that everyone has unique needs and wants. We also recognized the need for an affordable GPS tracker for valuables and the automotive environment, so we are open for different GPS Tracking manufacturer up to other uses.

At VTDA we build innovative tracking technologies that drive your success. With open API architecture, we deliver the ultimate in simplicity and flexibility when it comes to tracking integration. Our partners can board different devices, faster and evolve along with us by building their own apps.

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